Alison Cowles

Artist, designer

About alison
Alison Cowles finds her ancestry in the arts, being the daughter of Illustrator/Animator David Cowles, and Period Style printmaker and painter Laura Wilder.
   Cowles is well versed in many forms of art including portraiture, design, songwriting, and writing and designing animated cartoons.
   Alison does lots of local poster design, CD design and portrait work in her beloved hometown Rochester, NY, as well as national design work such as illustrations for The Baltimore Sun, Fast Company Magazine and Jewish in Seattle Magazine. She has also provided design work for music videos and album art for They Might Be Giants.
   Aside from art, she also writes original music with her boyfriend, and has had several original songs commissioned by and aired on Sesame Street. The two have a radio show on a local station in Rochester called Weepy Wednesday .
   Alison is currently working and living in Rochester, NY with her boyfriend, Alex.